Monday, March 30, 2009

Anika on ECMO

A new CHERUB has now been moved onto ECMO. This brings many many many emotions and feelings back to me from when Kristen went on it. I know that she's three now, but I still get the same feeling when I hear of kids going onto this life saving machine. It's a very scary thing to have to go through. There are so many risks associtated with it, but it's so necessary to sustain life.
I've included Anika's mommy's blog link if you'd like to follow her journeyand send your prayers their way!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A nice day with family

Well it's great that my Grandma is down from Bella Coola. We met her for lunch and enjoyed the company. My kids are so lucky that they still have Great Grandparents around! Many kids don't even have grandparents. We will get to see her again this week!

DUDE is home. I still have to keep an eye on him. And force feed him. But he's purring. That's a good sign. I still worry because he's so weak. The vet said that he's going to call tomorrow nite, so I'll let him know this.

And on another note, Baby Anika Faith was born today. She is a LCDH. She was born at BC Children's hospital. I'm so excited for her parents. Please pray that she will be ok and strong through making it to getting the repair surgery. I pray that she doesn't need to go onto ECMO.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just another day for the Taylor's

Well, I picked Dude up from the vet to take him to another hospital to care for him as the first one closes at 8am. He seemed much perkier!
Joe was quite concerned that he was sick!
Then off to Children's for a follow-up visit for Kristen with the surgeon. Nothing major, he just likes to see her every 6 mths. He says he always likes to see his little miracle girl. Now of course that always gets me thinking....was it really that bad. Or did I just have the hope that I didn't see it! Well regardless she's still with us.
So afterwards we met Lori, another CDH mom who's pregnant, for lunch. What a fabulous woman. She's made it to 38 weeks!!! With tonnes of extra fluid. They drained some yesterday, and now today she's 'sprung a leak' so after lunch she was admitting herself. And another CDH journey will begin. I pray that her little girl does wonderfully!
As Lori and I parted ways, I heard my name! Well there stands a girl, now teen, that I used to babysit when she was Courtney's age!!! Wow does time fly!!!

So we went home. I also called to follow up with the renal clinic on Kristen's test results, and there is kidney damage that may be needed to followed, and she may need med's. We'll find out in a few months on how to treat her, to keep her kidney's at the level of functioning that they are at now! So glad that I agreed to do the study. Without doing it, we would have never known until there was a problem!

I am so exhausted after being at the vet so late last nite, and my long day at Children's that I must go to bed so early!

And tomorrow....swimming

Dude Cat

So we went to go to bed tonite, and Gary hopped into his side. He jumped back out and said it's wet. Well there was a puddle of pee in our bed. NICE!! So we stripped the bed, cleaned it, and as we discussed who did it! Well it couldn't have been Joe because his underware were dry. It couldn't have been Hailey because she went straight out this morning. Gary thought maybe!! Then I remembered Dude was crying this morning. I hadn't seen much of him either. I layed there for a bit longer and couldn't hear him coming and going like he does at night. So I got up 10:20pm at that, and checked on him. He was laying on the couch. So I went to pet him. Usually he gets into it, and purrs. Not I rubbed down his back and sides with a light pressure, and he moaned. And he felt funny, like his skin had no elastic to it! So I went upstairs and called him shaking his treats. No Dude. 3 minutes later he showed up so I poured him some milk. Wouldn't drink it. So to the phone book I went looking for a late vet. Found one! 15 minutes from here.

Got there, they said yep he's sick with a fever of 39.9. So came back to me with an estimate for blood work....$400.00!!!! Ok, he's my other it....

Well he's septic jaundiced. He's eaten something, bird, mouse, etc. That has gotten him soooo sick...IV fluids, IV anitbiotics....overnite stay...another estimate, bringing it to $750.00!!!!

And I have to pick him up tomorrow morning, take him to another hospital because they close at 8am!!! Yikes, more bills!

But on the way home, I'm glad that I did this, because I started crying thinking about losing my Dude Cat! They said that with fluids, and med's he should start to eat tomorrow, and when he does, he can come home!

Now to try to sleep!!! Ya right!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Couldn't Wait!!

Well I know I'm awful, but I just couldn't wait!!! I gave Gary his birthday present tonite! I knew I should have left it at the store until his birthday. Well, I got him a GPS! It's actually pretty neat! I can get him an SD card for it and load pic's, and it has a slide show option! How cool is that! We set it up in his truck while Joe played hockey with the twins next door. The girls we asleep, well kinda, Kristen wasn't. She was in her room supposed to be sleeping, but no, she was clinging to her kitchen set ontop of it, stuck. Who know's for how long, but she was falling asleep on it! Silly kid....maybe she'll get the idea of sleeping in her bed tomorrow!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Leisure Games!

Well I just signed Joe and Kristen up for Hip Hop dance!! I'm so freaking excited for them to start. I have given them the heads up that Kristen will be wearing the FM system, and they seem so ready and excited to venture on this as well. They are going to try and have the instructor contact me before hand, so I can explain how it all works! I also got Joe signed up for his first real sport!!! Sportball soccer!!! I'm so excited for this as well! My gosh my kids are growing up so quickly!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

CDH Suck's

I follow other people's blogs from all over with their journey's with CDH. This is what Kristen was born with. Well last nite another child earned his wings. Baby Maxton lost his battle with CDH after only 19 days. It's just so terrible that these families go through this and that there is no cure. We are so blessed that we have Kristen with us, but it still brings tears to my eyes because it was sooo close so many times.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

On a Rainy Day

My animals in all of their glory!! Man do I love them!

So to kill some time today, we drove out to Twsn to meet Gary for lunch. It was nice to have the kids visit him on a lunch break and get out of the house. I have my pre-natal visit tomorrow, and for some reason am scared that they will measure my tummy to see that it is big. Well it's already big, but I mean baby big. And in turn say, "go for an ultrasound there may be twins in there" Not that I have a reason to be concerned, there hasn't been twins in either of our families for years, but we've had too many complications with my pregancies not to have something like this to add to

Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Doctor's we will GO!!

So I took all of us to the Doctor's this morning. Courtney and Kristen both had mild fever's and awful cough's so I figured why not! So we get there at 8am, like the sign says they're open at, and they tell me once we're in that the Dr won't be there for 30-45minutes. It seems that in their minds that this is Ok and acceptable. So needless to say, I waited and just let my kids run a muck in the waiting area! Not my fault that they can't abide by their posted hours.

So after we actually got in, I really liked the Dr. He spoke with me for 45 minutes on why my kids get so sick so quickly. I may have to investigate it further, but he figures that it may be asthma. Which doesn't suprize me, when my Dad, Mom, and myself have it! But because of that the cold gets bad quick because the body over produces mucus for the bacteria to grow. Anyways, another thing to look into. Better to be safe than sorry. He felt that Joe and Courtney sounded fine, but he had some concern about Kristen. He didn't want to subject her to another X-ray, and just set her up with antibiotics, and inhaler. All the kids are to use the inhaler and see how that helps. I usually don't like to medicate my kids unless really needed, but when Kristen wants to sleep and not eat or drink, I get concerned. She did that when she had pnemonia when she was 14 mths old. So now we wait, and see how she does.

And I had an appointment at the Dr for my first pre-natal appointment. The Dr laughed and asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through this again! I told her too didn't have the reciept to give it back! She said congrat's, here's the paperwork for all of the blood work, and come back next week for the physical! Yay, am I looking forward to that!!! NOPE!

It's hard to believe that I'm already 10 weeks! That's 2.5 mth's!! That's not too far off of baby being here!! I get nervous since I had Kristen and Joe. I worry that I won't carry to term. I worry that there's something going to be wrong. I just want another healthy baby like Courtney was. I just can't wait for the first ultrasound so that I will know that everything is going to be where it needs to be!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So I have spent a part of the day looking through our leisure guide with Gary today! I am so excited, and can't seem to pick what to put the kids in. It's hard because a lot of the pre-school aged things start at the times when we are already places, but there are some evening ones. I think that we will put Joe in a soccer program, and both Joe and Kristen in a Hip-Hop dance class. I think that the dance class will be good for both of them for listening and imatation. And really who doesn't like music and dancing!!?? We all know that the 'cool' kids at the dances were the one's that knew dance routines and had good rhythm. They also got the good!! It should just be more to keep us busy!!

On the side note, I'm still sicker than a dog! As well are all of the kids! What a way to have a good spring break!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hit by a Mac Truck!

Well aside from feeling like a Mac Truck hit me yesterday from my fall, we had a nice sunny day! The kids played outside for a bit, and yelled inside for a All three of them now have runny noses, and I think I'm not that far behind, but who do I call in sick too??!! Needless to say, I'm excited that there is nothing scheduled for next week as it's spring break! It will be nice to not rush to get out the door by 7:45 AM!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Falling Down!!

Well for the first time ever, I tripped holding my kids. I had Courtney in the hip hammock on my left hip and had Kristen in my right arm. Slid on slippery grass, banged my knees up so yucky, and landed on top of Kristen! She has a small bruise over her right eye, and a scrape on her pinky finger. She's ok now, and doesn't fuss over it. But me on the other hand....I need MY MOMMY!!! Someone to put bandaid's on my knee's and kiss them It hurts! So now I must wait to heal, the road rash and bite marks out of my knees! Teach me to wear Croc's on slippery grass, carrying two kids, PREGNANT!! Who does that!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well I thought I'd jump on the Blog bandwagon!

Well I thought that because everyone else was doing it, I should too!! And no, if you jumped off of a bridge, I would not follow! I'm hoping that I can keep this blog updated the way that I keep updated with Facebook!! all know that trip too! So I'm going to try and use this as a way to allow my kids to follow and see the days as they grow through my eyes! So wish me luck, and we will see where this takes us!