Friday, May 6, 2011

Neonatology followup

Kenny had a Neonatology Follow-up Clinic on Tuesday. The PT felt bad bringing us in for the visit. She knows that we are well supported in the community. Of course they saw lots of change in him and were happy. It's slow for us to watch daily though. But the last time they saw him, he was only about a month post-op for the hydrocephalus. So of course there were tonnes of change since then. They have classified him as a level 4 maybe 5 on the CP scale. There are only 5 levels, one being maybe walks with a limp. I said, that's nice, no one will be able to predict his future and every baby has a different early intervention stage, and really since he has only been without brain pressure for 8/9 months, that took him right to almost a newborn stage again, he is doing well. Now don't think that I'm burying my head in the sand in denial. I do believe that Kenny will need a wheel chair. I do believe that he will have some mobility. How much, that I don't know. But I like to think postitive. I do know the reality too. But it doesn't change who he is.

The pediatrician there has put in a referal for full genetic counselling and work up for the whole family. It's just so curious how we have won the lotto on our kids, and why. Is there a genetic componant? Who know's? Again, doesn't change anything or anyone, but will just give us more information.