Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Joe rides on!

Joe did it! he rode his two wheeler! Well it wasn't exactly willingly...lmao! He screamed the whole entire time! It was so cute, but funny as heck as well! He was just way to afraid to fall, so he just had to

Next time maybe he won't be so afraid.

All of the kids are doing good. I have gotten back from my 12 days of camping excersion. It was great to go away, and not have to be house bound in the heat. The pool was wonderful, and the kids loved it too.

I wish that I had been more on the ball with remembering to take photo's though. i'm terrible lately!

Kenny turned one! We are going to do a small party for him in Sept. when everything settles down. he is just growing up so quickly. He's finally starting to gain weight appropriately. And his development is still at just over a 3 mth old. I will be able to spend a lot of one to one with him come the middle of Sept. when Kristen starts her PALS program at the BC Family Hearing Center. Courtney has been given permission to attend too. She'll be a great model for speech and language for all of the other kids. And let me tell you...she talks, and talks, and talks some more! And Joe too....he's a running comentary of everything! And people think that I talk! It will be good for Courtney to go though. She doesn't start pre-school until the next year, but because she has been around so much therapy for the other's she's sooooo ready...and so am I!!! lol! We are about a week and a half til school starts. I will be back to PAC (PTA equivalant for my US friends), and hopefully I can drum up some more business for my Tupperware venture! I'm loving selling that too now! hmmmm, is there anything else that I can add to my to do list??!! Maybe slow down...maybe when I retire...maybe not!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camping, Camping and more Camping

Well, Kenny has been doing amazing! He is a different child. He no longer screams all of the time. I can even drive and he's just looking around. Not closing his eyes and screaming! I would have to say at this point that the surgery is a success. We'll see what the neurosurgeon says when we have a follow up though.

So camping. Well we have been really taking advantage of the tent trailer! We went to Chilliwack lake to a friends cabin for 4 days, while we were away had our interior painted of the house. Came home for 3 days, and I took the kids to Ferndale! For a week! I've had a couple of friends come down with their kids and stay with me for a couple of days. So that has been nice. They wanted to do the cross border shopping! Well so do! So shopping, and swimming, and shopping and swimming! Gary is at home doing things around the house, so yes, I took 4 kids by myself camping! Believe it or not, it's not all that bad! They have been having such a good time!

So then we go home, and leave the next day for 3 more days of camping! Bridal Falls is having Halloween in August! So the kids get to go trick-or-treating! Gonna be so much fun! But really, I think after this, I may need to just sleep for a week!