Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well here I am sitting in Disneyland. I've been here for four days, and go home tomorrow. I am here for a Tupperware conference and am having a blast. I left my kids at home. I feel guilty about it. But at the same time for my mental health, I really needed this break. I have never left my kids except to give happened a few times over the last number of I must say, I have never been here before. WOW! I am in stimulation overload. I have had so much fun. But I am so ready to go home to hug my babies. I can't say that I won't do it again though. I think that for my sanity, now that I know I have some, I really did need a get away. But I still feel guilty. I know how much my kids would love it here.

Oh well. MAYBE next time. We'll see.

School starts in a week and a half, so the routine will be back to the grind. I'm pretty excited about that. I know that the kids have been asking over the last couple of weeks to go back, and that they miss it. I think that Kristen will be the biggest change. She's talking so much more now, and so much more clearer! Truely, it is amazing. I can't wait to have school start so that I can get back into the classroom's to help out too! There isn't much left to get together. Just a few more shirts for Joe, and away we'll go!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Gift

I was given the most amazing gift from my best friend yesterday. I was given the opportunity to watch the miracle of life being born. It was truly an amazing experience. Isobella was born at 4:17am. After her poor mommy was in labour for 24 the minute! She was 6lbs 2oz. The amazing thing was the nurse was having my friend try to push a bit before the dr was called. And there was the head. Second push, and the head was half out. I just told the nurse, let me know what you want me to do? She said here, put a pad over the half born head, and said hold. Ok, no problem. I held, looked at my friend, and knew, baby wasn't waiting. She delivered the rest of the head into my hand. Now some may think this is all weird or gross. But it is the miracle of life, and when in the postion you don't look at things the same way. I was just in awe. At the end of it all, her little girl is just the perfect of perfect babies! And to see daddy's face when he heard it was a girl. You can NEVER duplicate that! Thank-you so much to my best friend. Although she may as well be family!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Renal Clinic

Because Kristen had complete renal (kidney) failure while she was on ECMO and in the ICU, we became a part of a study that BC Children's was doing. They wanted to know if there was long term effects on the kidney's after function resolved. Kristen was the oldest (almost three at the time) and most severe case (almost 7 weeks of failure) that they had. So I agreed to do the study. I wanted to know for my own knowledge as well, as no one had any answers as to whether or not we follow her or not.

The findings were that she was indeed on the border line of being almost mildly kidney diseased. Meaning, if we hadn't done the study, and hadn't done a 3 hour GFR test (radioactive dye put in her and four blood works), we would have never known....until it was too late. She would have been in complete kidney failure. And would have been needing a kidney transplant. Now because they caught it so early, we are monitoring it.

So the plan, nothing has changed too much. She is still stable. Her creatine (sp?) has risen, but she's also grown too, so it should a bit. So in another year, we repeat the GFR test and see where we're at!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Joe turns SEVEN!

Holy moley! My baby boy is now seven! How he's grown. He starts grade 2 in a month. He's so excited! am I! He is doing so well now. No one would really recongize that he is on the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder....he's PDD-NOS) at most times. He's reading now, and doing math adding and subtracting. He's so proud of himself!