Thursday, July 29, 2010

The summer is half way through!

We have been keeping ourselves soooo busy! Kenny has now healed from his surgery although he sprung a leak last week. He's been 'dry' now for a full week. I have noticed such a difference with his behaviour now that the pressure is down. I just hope and pray that it stays this way. The older three...well they keep me on my We have been doing lots of camping, and chillin' in the house with the A/C going! All of this through our appintments as well. I'm starting to want the regular routine of school back now, but I know it will come way too quickly. so I do enjoy the lack of structure right now.

I've been selling my Tupperware, and really enjoying that right now as well too! It's my ladies night out, and adult time. We are getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. We're going through everything, so that we can have the majority of the inside of the house painted on our next camping trip. It's like moving!! LOL...but a good opportunity to re-vamp our needs/and don't needs.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Can't believe the change

I really can't believe the change that Kenny has gone through since his surgery a week ago. After 3 day's he was back to being able to hold his head up the way that he was before. It's never been in full control, but hey!

He also had a follow-up EEG on Tues. It showed the seizure tendancies still, but undercontrol. Thank goodness! First time that I've been to Children's with him, and left with Ok news!

So now to wait and see that he continue's on the track that he is on.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surgery finished

Hopefully this will be the only intervention that we will have to do for Kenny with his hydrocephalus. They did perform the ETV proceedure on Friday afternoon. He went through the surgery just fine. Recovery was just fine. The leak that he sprung...not so cool. I noticed once we were on the ward in our room that there was fluid seeping out of his wound. They said that it was the spray anteseptic that they put on. I wasn't convinced. I mentioned it to the nurse, do they see this often. Yes they see it sometimes. Ok, sure. So I put him to sleep, and two hours later, I woke him up to feed him. Well his whole head had a puddle under it. I buzzed the nurse, turns out my buzzer was broken, but she happened to be right there. And I said I think that he's sprung a leak. Needless to say, 2 hours later he was back in the OR, just because of the lights and sterile environment, and they re-stitched his incision. If it didn't stop leaking, we would be left no choice but a shunt. Now that was risky because they found a new bleed in the front of his brain, and they can't shunt safely with those condtions.

So back he came to the room. No leaks. The next morning, oh geeze, I noticed a bit of wet on his bandaid. Small leak. More observations. It did stop and they did let us go at about 1:30pm. So now, today, being Sunday, two days after surgery. He is so much more awake, so much happier, he's moving more, he's happy in his carseat!!! now we just pray that this works and the fluid will no longer be an issue. Of course I'm paranoid of infection, and more leakage, and just him being ok. But I guess that will stop when, well I will never stop worrying for any of my kids!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What do they do?

The Neurosurgeon is stumped. He said that he's not too sure what to do. So we hoe'd and hummed over do we shunt, do we wait, do we ETV, do we VP shunt. There is a new found issue now though. There is a small hemorage at the front of his brain. Now if we shunt, this could potentially make is worse. Is the bleed from the higher pressures. Probably. Oh dear, just what to do for this poor child. It was decided that we do need to interveen. So we will try the ETV and see what happens. So then he proceeds to tell me to come in on Friday. Ok no problem. Then he says, go to the ER and tell them that you need to see me! I'm like Ok, i can look like a weirdo. But I guess it's the only way to have an OR ready and available.

So Friday we go!