Thursday, March 31, 2011

The kids and technology

I was wondering why my screen saver was saying that it couldn't find the file. I have it as a slide show of my photo's. Well then I went looking for the photo's. Joe has officially deleted a years worth of pics from my computer. I understand why he accidently did this. The kids are constantly dragging things on the iPad into new groups. Well I guess he did the same with the pictures on the PC. I have to now go through my Facebook and copy all of the uploaded photo's back to the computer to be able to have copies. All I can say is thank goodness for FB!! And can I be mad at him, nope, I should have really been watching him on the computer. He has usually just played his games, but with the use of the iPad he was looking for youtube! And movies to watch. Darn mommy, for letting them have the freedom!

Surgery complete

Kenny went in this morning to have his muscle biopsy done. He so far has done fantastic. I can't see the incision as of yet, the dressing needs to stay on for some time. Now we wait for results. I have an appointment with Biochemical on the 20th of next month. So we'll see what they have to say.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

Well we are half way through our spring break here. We get two weeks! They added on 10 minutes a day, to give us another week off. They did this last year with the oh so beloved Olympics here, and just carried it to this year. I personally like it. I need the break from everything. So what have we done...

We had an adventure on the Ferry Boat to Victoria. The kids just loved this. We had a beautiful hotel room and were able to just really relax. While we were there we went to the Undersea Gardens. That was amazing! There is a guy in a scuba suit that comes down and shows us all of the fish life that can be handled. We were able to see star fish, and an octopus...creepy little fella, and he has even conditioned the fish to come to a bell when it's time to feed! Really cool! We checked out the bug zoo....a bit expensive, neat, but above the kids level. But that's ok, it's all about the experience for them. We swam in the pool at the hotel and ate dinner on the roof top restaurant on the 18th floor! On the boat back, Joe saw a kid that was on the boat over, so he REALLY thought that was neat. They were making playdates with eachother, high fiving, and telling eachother "see you later dude!". The kid lives in will probably never see him again. But that's ok. Tues we visited my sister in law in Ferndale where she was camping. Well acutally we met her at the mall for dinner, and the kids played in the play area for an hour. It was late so back we came. The next day we went back was beautiful out. Spring MUST be here! (finger's crossed anyways) They played for 5.5 hours! It was awesome. Thank goodness for my Nexus pass...the border lineup was over 70 minutes long! Thursday we played it mellow, and I just soaked the kids in the bath for 2 hours!! lol! Friday, Gary stayed home, so off to the McD's play place and then to JYSK. We needed a new mattress for our trailer. We got one a heck of a deal...then I lifted the mattress in the trailer to find MOULD!! EWWWWW!!! Could not believe it! It's not even 2 mths old. How the heck does moisture get in there...anyways to the shop it went....and now Kristen is asking every 5 minutes, Trailer??!! Fix it??!! Man they love to sleep in it even if it's outside the house!! Saturday, I did a Kids Swap meet for my Tupperware, and then we did a Costco shop after. The kids love this, cause they know that we eat there after! And who wouldn't??!! We all eat for under $18.00! It's so cheap and good!! Today, so far is just mellow. Who know's what the rest of the week will present. I'm sending Kristen to PALS (her deaf pre-school) and Courtney will join her. This will give me 3 days of 4 hours to spend with just Kenny and Joe.

Kenny has his muscle biopsy on Thurs. I was able to get in on a cancellation! That's right it pays to say, "PUT ME ON A CANCELLATION LIST" If I hadn't we'd be waiting at least 5 mths. Then we meet with biochemical disease control on the 20th of next month...we'll see what that says!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Muscle Biopsy

I had a call about two weeks ago from Biochemical Disease control, letting me know that they want to do a muscle biopsy on Kenny. The hitch is that the OR time can be anywhere from 5-8 months to get a date. Well, I just stated about 3 she needed to physically write on his paper work, that I want to be on a cancellation list. And to put it in BIG BOLD letters. And told her that if she didn't they won't call me to do it!! Well, they called today. He has an appointment on the last day of this month! And to get those results from that test can be another 3-6 mths. Thank goodness I'm able to get him in quicker. Who know's what and if they end up finding anything at the end of all of this testing. She says sometimes it's just a mystery. The neurologist isn't convinced that based off of his brain MRI's that it's metabolic, but something genetic. So really who know's. At the end of the day, his damage is done, and he's still my little Kenny. And he will still always have challenges.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just curious!

I see so many people from all of the world that are following my blog. I'd love to hear who you are and where you are from. Also what brings you to show interest. I'm not saying this in a bad way, just really want to 'meet' you all! So just comment and let me know, and thanks for following! It means a lot that in the world of cyber space that people that you don't know and never met, care and pray for your family! Bobbi :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

She's teaching him!

It was so cute! I put Kenny beside Kristen and Courtney on the couch, just to sit with them. Kristen started saying and signing 'play' to him. He looked at her, and she then proceeded to hand over hand him to sign play! I was filled with so much pride, and couldn't believe that she was being a leader!! She then was taking his hand, and trying to get him to press on the iPod. And in her jargon, was telling him how to use it! Adorable!