Saturday, August 13, 2011

Renal Clinic

Because Kristen had complete renal (kidney) failure while she was on ECMO and in the ICU, we became a part of a study that BC Children's was doing. They wanted to know if there was long term effects on the kidney's after function resolved. Kristen was the oldest (almost three at the time) and most severe case (almost 7 weeks of failure) that they had. So I agreed to do the study. I wanted to know for my own knowledge as well, as no one had any answers as to whether or not we follow her or not.

The findings were that she was indeed on the border line of being almost mildly kidney diseased. Meaning, if we hadn't done the study, and hadn't done a 3 hour GFR test (radioactive dye put in her and four blood works), we would have never known....until it was too late. She would have been in complete kidney failure. And would have been needing a kidney transplant. Now because they caught it so early, we are monitoring it.

So the plan, nothing has changed too much. She is still stable. Her creatine (sp?) has risen, but she's also grown too, so it should a bit. So in another year, we repeat the GFR test and see where we're at!

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