Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chew, Chew, Chew

It's strange. It feels like overnight, we don't talk about feeding anymore. Kristen has really become a true eater. It has only taken a full 5! She asks for salad, she eats sandwiches, she won't touch beef with a ten foot! I've tried tricking her when I give her the burger into thinking it is just bun and cheese, her favorite, but she smells it! She pretty much smells everything first. But that's ok. Last week it was a granola bar! She chews gum!!! REALLY, gum!!!??? Amazing. She can pack back a half a box of KD in one sitting. And does she eat! Where does it go?! She's still only on the 3% for weight, and 8% for height. But at least she's on the chart! She was under to about the -10% for the longest time. But she has now maintained for the last 2 years on this nice curve. Like everything with her, she did it in her own time.

I just go back in my head remembering all of the challenges that we had. Man, I guess I just didn't realize how tough it was. Getting her to eat with a spoon. Drinking from a straw. Using a fork. Heck, just self feeding period! And the smallest of small baby steps that it has taken to get here. She used to gag on EVERYTHING! Now it's the! She actually overstuffs her mouth, not good either, but she's not leaving it there to be pocketed like before, she's actually swallowing it. The tricks that we have used with her! And she's now just flying high. I don't even have to make seperate meals for her. It used to be such a challenge some times wondering, what do I feed her tonite?!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where things are at right now

Kenny has seen the neurosurgeon. He doesn't need to see him for another 6-9 months...of course unless i notice anything. He has officially been off of his vigabatrin now for a full week!!! So far so good! He's still not really gross motorly moving, but he's getting stronger.

Joe is now sight reading words! WOW! that's been a long time coming for him. He is also staring spelling tests where he is expected to just write the first sound he hears. Well at home we practice the whole word. He's doing well with that too now! He lost his first tooth careof the dentist on Thursday. it had been deaf for awhile, and got absessed so out it came.

Kristen is now replacing her coil on her head for her implant! WOW. She is trying so hard to communicate with other's. She doesn't scream when at skating lessons anymore, and actually loves it! She doesn't scream at swimming lessons anymore and actually loves it! lmao! She is also chewing all of her food pretty much now! Feeding issues....well sometimes i think not! She even chews gum now!

Courtney is just our little turd! lol. She is so bright and challenges us all the time. She's so independant and doesn't realize that she's not even quite 3 yet!! And the language that she uses is so complex! Amazing to see!

People ask how we do it. I have never used the word can't...thought it in my head, but never used anything as an excuse! Exposure exposure exposure

I treat my kids 'normal' whatever that may be. I am also never wanting people to think that there situation is nothing compared to what I deal with daily. What people experience in their homes is different that what I do, and it is ok for anyone to feel frustration at any time. I am not hear to inspire, or over shadow, or make you look bad. I'm here to be my kids mommy, and be the best mommy I can be!

A run down of our weekly AVERAGE schedule

I've been asked by a couple of people why I haven't blogged lately...or where are my I thought that I'd bring you into an average daily, weekly schedule. Hold on tight cause it's quite the

6am-wake up
8:20am-get everyone out the door to take Joe to school
8:50am-load up the van to drop Courtney off at pre-school for 9am
9am-drive Kristen to the BC family hearing resource center for her PALS program (a preschool like program for the deaf and hard of hearing)for 9:30am
(recently I've had my Behavioural interventionist picking up Courtney and Kristen to take them where they need to go so that I can go back to the school with Kenny to help with the reading program at Joe's class.)
11:30am Pick up Courtney from school.
1pm Kristen arrives home
2:20pm go to pick up Joe from school
4:30pm take Joe and Kristen to Skating lessons for 5pm
6:30pm get ready to go to Rally with my Tupperware ladies.

Please take note that in between the actual drop-off/pick-up times there are feeds for Kenny, and the fact that he may not let me put him down, and of course all of the 'normal' daily things that need to happen around the house ie. dishes, or phoneing to do follow-up appointments for ONE of the

6am wake up
8:20am take Joe to school
9am take Kristen to PALS
10am take Kenny with Courtney to Physio, and physio swim
Kristen is dropped off right from PALS to preschool at 12:30 by her BI (thank goodness for her!!! She is my heaven sent of sanity!)
2:20pm pick up joe for school
2:50pm go to pick Kristen up from Pre-school
3pm alternating Tuesday's Kristen has speech therapy
once a month I do the PAC meetings, (PTA for my American friends :)) at 7pm

6am wake up
8:20 drop Joe off at school
9am drop Courtney off at preschool
9:30 Kristen to PALS
10am sometimes IDP comes in once a month, or I may use this time to observe Kristen in the classroom for a bit, or visit and connect with other parents.
11:30am pick up Courtney from preschool
1pm Kristen is home
2:20 pick up Joe
4:30pm skating for the older two, all three of the oldest one's in another week!
7pm PEER group once a month. A group that is there to support parents for children going into Kindergarden for the deaf and hard of hearing.

6am wake up
8:20 drop off Joe
12:30 take Kristen to preschool
2:20 pick up Joe
3pm Pick up Kristen

A little bit of a quieter day, sometimes there may be a morning appointment with OT, or pediatrition or specialists at children's etc.

6am wake up
8:20 joe to school
9am Kristen to preschool
11:30 pick up Kristen
meet at McD's or someones house for a weekly play date for the girls.
2:20 pick up Joe, and once in a while a friend from school will come to play

7am wake up
9am swimming lessons for the older three
the rest of the day will depend on visiting with family or birthday parties or me doing a Tupperware party

Just depends on the weekend, sometimes can be just as busy...lately it has been!

ONe day it will slow down right?!! IT has too! lol! I do it all in the name of love for my kids! And because of it, they are doing soooo well!