Friday, September 2, 2011

School's coming!

I cannot believe that the summer is almost done! School starts next tues. I am SO excited. Kristen is too! I got a phone call yesterday from her teacher. I was shocked! Just wanting to see if anything had changed over the summer, or anything she should know going in! REALLY serious! A teacher who cares outside of the classroom! How often does one see this?! And the great thing is...she was Joe's Grade one teacher. She's teaching Kindergarten next year, and then going back to grade one! This means, Kristen will have her for two years! A teacher for two years that gives a rats bum for her students! WOW! The principal called me later in regards to the fundraiser that we're doing. Same day!! lol. She also let me know that the SEA for kristen does have level one sign! There's support of a school for a child's success! We are sure blessed. Advice going into school....for those who have children with needs, or really without needs and you have worries. Start with all of the workshops that the agencies you are dealing with have to offer. GO to them!!! They are informative. There are other parents with experience too. Write down your questions. Ask them! Go to the school. Talk with the principal. Get to know him/her. Join PAC/PTA meetings, just to get a feel for them, before you get into the school. Get to know the teacher's. Make yourself seen! They will treat you with respect when they know that you are on board with education! Don't be in their faces either. Let them do their job, but allow them to know that you're supporting them. Try and volunteer in the classroom's with reading. Not too often as to take away from your child's school experience either. Let your children go...they will be ok!!! Happy Summer, and first day of school!