Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's been a rainy Summer

Since the end of school, we have gone camping, gone to the movies, had the kids playing in the back yard...well when it's not raining. What a pitiful summer it has been! We got the kids a little pool, and they love it....when they can enjoy it that is! I think that mother nature has been PMSing lately.

We leave for a two week camping trip on monday. Well not really a full two weeks. I will be back and forth with the kids through out the first week. Joe still has tutoring and sportball soccer, and Kenny has IDP etc. The second week, I only need to come back once. But the kids are just as happy to go for the nights anyways.

Kenny has received his new stander. He's liking it. We saw the neurosurgeon this week. He's happy with the lack of brain pressures as of now. So we don't have to see him for another year now.

It's just been busy as usual...with a bit of sleeping in! September will kill me with that!